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Tony Marson - Stratified Medicine

Tony Marson is Professor of Neurology at Liverpool University and leads the Epilepsy Research Group. Epilepsy is a common problem with a global prevalence of around 1%, causing massive burden to individuals and society. His research focusses upon assessing treatment outcomes and predictors of treatment response, and includes strong established collaboration in biostatistics, health economics and neuropsychology. The Epilepsy Research Group have led the largest global randomised trials comparing differing treatments and policies in early epilepsy. This has enabled the generation and validation of prognostic models aimed at predicting likely treatment response and outcomes. The ERG is also leading the Cochrane Epilepsy group and has undertaken a series of individual participant data meta-analyses. They are key participants in the global effort to sequence DNA from parents with epilepsy and hold exome sequences for 1000’s of epilepsy patients that require further analysis in terms of understanding disease predisposition as well as treatment outcome.


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