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Simon Keller - Stratified Medicine

Simon Keller is Senior Lecturer in Neuroimaging and Neuroscience and leads the Neuroimaging Research Team in the Liverpool Epilepsy Research Group. The primary focus of his research is to develop and apply non-invasive brain imaging methods to understand the biology underlying neurological and neurodegenerative disorders, with a particular focus on using pre-treatment imaging to predict post-treatment outcome. Research in his group is performed at the Liverpool Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre (LiMRIC) at the University campus and at the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust (WCFT). He shares close working collaboration with neurologists, neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons at WCFT, principally, but not exclusively, in context of epilepsy research. Other research areas include Encephalitis and brain infections, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and the effects of chronic drug use.


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