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Chris Lloyd - Statistics

Chris Lloyd is a Professor of Quantitative Geography in the Department of Geography and Planning. His research interests are in geographic information science, population geography and historical geography. He is particularly interested in geographic inequalities and is currently engaged in ESRC-funded research projects which seeks to explore (i) how the population geography of the UK has changed between 1971 and 2011 and (ii) the lived experience of inequalities in South Africa. He is also undertaking research on historic maps, with a focus on map lineages; this work considers how far manuscript and printed maps borrow from previous maps or provide evidence of cartographic innovation. These research themes are connected by common methodological problems and solutions. Prof Lloyd has published widely on spatial statistical analysis and is the author or co-author of seven books, including the third edition of 'Principles of Geographical Information Systems' (with Peter Burrough and Rachael McDonnell; published by Oxford University Press in 2015). He is the Director of the University of Liverpool cross-disciplinary Centre for Spatial Demographics Research.


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