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Kevin Park - Regenerative Medicine

Kevin Park is Professor of Pharmacology in the Institute of Translational Medicine. He is Founding Director and current Deputy Director of the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Sciences, and Director of the UKRMP Safety and Efficacy Hub. The over-riding theme of his work is bringing “molecule–to-man” and back again, to enable the prediction of adverse drug reactions based on the chemical structure of the drug and the identification of susceptible individuals. This work has been expanded by using pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics to link findings in patients to the chemical structure of the drug. Established expertise in preclinical toxicology in vitro and in vivo for drug safety has been developed further within the UKRMP Safety Hub for regenerative medicine therapies through integration of physiological, pharmacological and toxicological information for the purpose of hazard identification, risk assessment and relevance to human safety.


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