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Chris Goldring - Regenerative Medicine

Chris Goldrick leads the liver group within the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS), the UK centre studying mechanisms of adverse reactions to drugs, which has recently coordinated the IMI multi-industry and academic Mechanism-based Improved Prediction of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (MIP-DILI) programme to improve prediction of drug-induced liver damage. He plays a leading role in a new IMI project TransQST, which is developing quantitative systems toxicology models to improve our understanding of adverse drug reactions. He is also leading the liver project in the UK Regenerative Medicine Safety platform, developing innovative methods for the assessment of the safety of stem cells and regenerative therapies, including cell labelling using nanoparticles and cell tracking. He has an established biobank of healthy and diseased liver tissues, primary human liver cells and developed induced pluripotent stem cell lines in order to bridge the translational gap between the bench and the bedside. To this end, CG’s group works closely with hepatobiliary surgeons at Aintree hospital, providing MD and PhD training. A major new area of interest is in biomarkers of liver injury, particularly miRNAs, and CG is developing strategies with Harish Poptani (imaging) and Jeyan Thiyagalingam (AI) to establish and develop an interdisciplinary tri-modal platform based on the integration of imaging and blood-based biomarkers, aligned with conventional molecular and cellular histopathology, for understanding the fundamentals of and improving the diagnosis and monitoring of drug-induced liver injury. He is programme director of the Pharmacology degree at Liverpool, one of the largest programmes of its kind in the U.K., and runs Masters teaching programmes on Innovative methods of in vitro safety assessment and Safety of regenerative medicine therapies in the European Safescimet training programme.


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