Contact and Open Days


For your Fellowship, you will need a sponsor from each of the two quantitative skills areas you will be working in, together with a sponsor from your chosen health application area. Please do contact sponsors individually to discuss your interests in their research area. It is a requirement of the application process that your sponsors provide a letter of support for your proposed research programme. Sponsors will support you throughout your Fellowship, and it is important that you establish a relationship with them at the very earliest stages of the application process.

Open Days

Candidates interested in applying for a Skills Development Fellowship are encouraged to visit the University to meet potential sponsors, view the facilities and discuss research ideas and ambitions at one of our two Open Days on:

Thursday 15th March, in the morning
Monday 26th March 2018, in the afternoon

These Days are a fantastic opportunity to meet the QUEST community, including existing MRC SDF Fellows working at Liverpool.

Please register for one of the days, specifying which day you wish to attend and the sponsors you would like to meet, by contacting:

Mrs Nyree Collinson,

Training Plan

Part of your application needs to describe your proposed Training Plan. Training considerations should begin prior to recruitment, when you contact, and ideally meet, academic sponsors to discuss your previous education, experience and research interests. Potential fellowship areas, and the specific skills needed for the research, should be considered. With your sponsors, you will design a bespoke training and development pathway for inclusion in your application to join the QUEST programme. Your programme can include formal internal and external training and development opportunities alongside those related directly to your research programme. Fellows will also have access to transferable skills training through the University of Liverpool’s programme of researcher development courses.

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